Camo Springs Water

The Source

Our water source is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and flows from the Knox Aquifer - the largest natural spring in the Eastern United States. The water we source never sees the light of day. Rather, it is buried beneath rock formation and surfaces in a containment building. This process quarantines any contamination that could otherwise interfere with the purity of the water.

We assure that the water we use in our custom designed water bottles is of the highest quality. Our natural spring water is inspected and tested twice daily in the purification facility and tested weekly by an independent third party. The water is then bottled and delivered to you directly from the source.

Our water meets state and federal regulations through continuous testing and evaluation once the water has gone through a multi-barrier of filtration.


Our bottles, including the cap and label, are 100% recyclable.

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